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I love when jewellery collections offer the option to stack into a variety of combinations. It really allows one to express their own individuality within the design identity of a brand. Do you guys think the same way I do or are you on team minimalist ? @apmmonaco #apmmonacopartner Ad

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2021 vs 2012 The second and third photos were taken in 2012 during my first Paris Fashion Week. Looking at this brings so many memories, some good and others not so much. Back then, digital talents used to struggle SO much, even for the smallest things. This whole industry was just getting started and the whole place was like the wild west. There were no rules and we had to argue the value of our work, something that is well established today (although you'd be surprised how some people still are puzzled by what we do). Going to fashion week back then was a whole different ball game. When I was 23, I was obviously not as well off as today and traveling represented a substantial financial effort. Back then, I got invited to few shows and would be seated on 6th row or even attend standing. I didn’t even know what I was doing but I enjoyed the fashion and most of all, something was telling me: keep at it, something will come out of this. In many ways, I miss the passion and pureness of those days. It was the beginning of something BIG. Although the pay wasn't as good, the passion was there. What is incredible is how something raw, with no rules or structure has developed into a multi billion dollar industry. Digital influence is an essential part of marketing today and digital influencers are at the forefront of communication campaigns for brands big and small all over the world. To know that I was one of a small bunch of people who opened the way for thousands more fills me with pride. Knowing that this legacy will generate strong growth and countless jobs in the future only reinforces my initial hunch, one that I've learned to listen to over the years 🤍

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Le weekend 🍂☕️🌳