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Apply our filters in our directory or explore our segmented lists to find influencers from any category , keyword and location. Check their stats and select different profiles to compare.


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Learn about the influencers' stats and evolution, such as engagement, amount of real followers, estimated cost per post, brands collaborations and much more.


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Apply our filters in our directory or explore our segmented lists to find influencers from any category , keyword and location. Check their stats and select different profiles to compare.


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With our monitoring tools understand the reach and results of your campaign hashtags / mentions

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Thanks to FlameConnect, we directly connect brands and influencers through our integrated messaging system, which allows you to manage all your collaborations and proposals in a simple and neat way.


What does "claim an account" mean?

If you find your Instagram account on our website, you might want to claim it, which means registering on TheSocialFlame and connecting your Instagram profile to have control over your metrics, your personal description and having access to other functionalities, such as connecting with brands or influencers through FlameConnect.

Hashtag monitoring is an essential premium functionality for your strategy or tactics, that allows you to keep a deeply and constantly tracking your campaigns (or your competitors’) or influencers’ own hashtags. This way, you will be able to calculate and analyze their success, and have a better understanding on what is working (or not) or attracts more public.

Did you know that apart from our own TSF segmented lists, you can create your own?
When you want to keep track of certain accounts, you might want to save them in a list of your own so can have an easy access to them and their statistics.
In order to do that, you can access our Directory, use our filters or search tool to find your preferred influencers, select the ones you want and hit the button "Add to list" on the top right of the page.
A box will pop in so you can name the list and add a description. You will also be given the option to make it public or private before saving.
If you want to add more profiles to your existing list, you can simply go to My Lists, open the one you want to modify, hit "Add account" on the top right of the page, and type the username of the account you wish to add.

If you want to compare two or more Instagram accounts to see their successes and statistics, you can easily do so with the following steps.
Start by accessing our Directory, use our search tool or filters to find those influencers you wish to compare, select them by clicking on the little boxes next to their pictures (on the left), and hit the button "Compare" on the top right of the page.
You can also do so from a list, or even from one account's statistics page, by hitting the button "Compare" and writing down the username of another account.
Once you have accessed to the compare section, you will find detailed statistics and graphics of each account you selected. If you wish to save this information for future references and be able to track any future changes on their numbers, simply hit the button "Save" on the top right, give it a name and a description, select the public or private option, and save. You will be able to access it anytime you want on My Comparisons.

If you want to start your subscription to one of our plans, you can do so by accessing Our Prices on our website, selecting the one that fits you and proceed to payment.
A subscription will last indefinitely, until you decide to cancel. TheSocialFlame allows direct debit payments, which will be charged monthly, and you will receive an automatic email 3 days before each charge.
If you decide to cancel your subscription, you will not be charged for the transaction.
If you have any problems or doubts regarding your payment, please contact us through our contact information on our website.

Do you want to keep all of your favorite influencers in one place? On TheSocialFlame you can!
To be able to save influencers as Favorite, you must be registered on one of our plans. If you are, you can simply use our search tool to find an influencer you like, enter to see their information and click on "Fav" on the top right of the page.

If you're wondering how you can modify your public Instagram account's information on TheSocialFlame, you can easily do so in a few simple steps.
If you haven't claimed your account just yet, you need to register on our platform first. Find your Instagram handle through our search tool and claim your account. You'll be automatically redirected to a page in which you need to verify your account. Once you do so, you will see a page where you'll have to fill in your personal information, such as name and location, and you will also be able to add categories to your profile and a description box.
If you have already claimed your account before, just search for your Instagram handle on our search tool and you will have access to an editing information box that only you will be able to see, where you can fill in your information, categories, tags, location, gender and description.

TheSocialFlame is an influencer marketing management platform that you helps you discover, analyze, compare and connect with social media celebrities through an all-in- one, intuitive, scalable & data driven solution.
One of the questions we usually get is "where does all of our data come from". All of the information you see on TheSocialFlame comes directly from Instagram's public information, which we organize and use to make our own calculations, such as engagement ratio, average amount of likes, likes spread or cost per post.
When you click on an influencer's profile on TSF, you will see a series of statistics that help you understand their activity on Instagram, and you will also find information boxes that explain what does each section mean and how it's calculated.


Thanks to data such as growth history, engagement ratio and other 30 historical data points, we are able to provide you with actionable statistical data, and a punctuation and economic review of each one of the 4 million profiles, helping you on the decision making for the execution and optimization of any of your social media campaigns.