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There’s a lot more to cats than first meets the eye! Come join me for a talk in Portland, Oregon on Tuesday 27th of September as I take you behind-the-scenes - into the making of #wildcatsofindia #indiasincrediblecats #wildcatkingdom #mammalwatching #bigcatsofinstagram #indiaswild #wildkingdoms #natgeolive #portland

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Cormorants are such amazing birds Here’s a flightless cormorant from the Galápagos Islands #flightlesscormorant #galapagos #natgeoexpeditions

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The most heart-wrenching thing you’ll watch & most of us will just sit and do nothing about it… As part of a road widening project authorities in Kerala, Malappuram are hastily cutting down trees without even bothering about nesting cormorants and other species. Anyone in the area should reach out to authorities to stop this mindless destruction… at the least wait until the nesting season is over. Destruction of nests & causing injury and harm to birds is an offence under the Wildlife Protection act 1972. The people responsible for this must be held accountable - kindly investigate. Video source: WhatsApp #wildlifewarden #conservekerala