Influencer is one of the most popular modern words from the last few years, but is not always used correctly and there are still people that don’t fully grasp the concept, so let us try to make it clearer for everyone.

The word itself means a person that has influence upon a group of people in one way or another. When it comes to a larger audience, famous people are also given this title, specially when it comes to social media. This type of influencers are the ones brands’ve got their eyes on, since finding out that they could become a new way of direct advertising to their target audience.

Top 100 Instagram Influencers in 2023

This way has become more and more popular, and every time companies launch a new product or service, they are willing to invest money on brand collaborations with specific influencers, that will sell their products in a raw and more natural way, making their audiences believe that they actually love these products and influencing them to buy.

Within these title of “influencer”, we can find many professions, such as actors, singers, artists, bloggers and youtubers, that use social media as a channel to connect with their followers. Many people who were already famous also started using social media once they have realized its potential, and nowadays it is known as one of the main channels for making money online.

Logically, there is a mutual benefit: Brands win exposure and credibility from this less adverting-like way of promotion; while influencers receive an alternative income for every single product they decide to promote — These are called brand collaborations, or “collabs” as you may have read somewhere online.

If we analyze trends in advertising and in different ages in society’s behaviors, we can easily realize the growing power that influencers are gaining each passing day. This is why many famous actors or singers who used to avoid social media, are now joining due to the marketing value and potential impact on their careers.

Actors like Miguel Ángel Silvestre, the Casas Mario and Óscar brothers, Blanca Suárez, Úrsula Corberó…; or models like Jon Kortajarena or Malena Cost. Although there are many and very different careers, there is one thing all influencers have in common: They are famous and known for what they do, and for that, they have a large capability of getting attention from many users on social media. If you are a journalist or just love everything about influencers, TheSocialFlame is the perfect tool to keep informed of what they are doing on Instagram at every moment - After all, it might be the most effective platform when it comes to each influencer and their social media activity.