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If you want to keep track of what the most important influencers of the world are doing, with TheSocialFlame you will find segmented and personalized lists which will help you find the accounts that you are really interested in.

Influencers have different professions, characteristics and types of contents they share, so a good way of finding them by segments is on our lists, where you can find them sorted and ranked for their following.

It’s not always easy to keep informed on what our favorite celebrities are doing, and trying to follow every single famous user on Instagram could be quite hard if you want to see news from each one of them, you might be missing their feeds, stories and updates. That is why TSF Lists are a great way of managing and tracking the evolution of the profiles you’re interested in.

Influencers are authentic-opinion content creators, and are capable of making statements in a very subtle way. Sometimes it’s really obvious that they are being payed to promote a specific product, although we as users are already in the loop and are aware of that, but that doesn’t stop influencers from losing much credibility, with statements such as “I only promote products I know and love”. And, of course, anything that brings us closer to our idols is a good reason for us to follow and like their content.

If you are a free-time-social-media-user, you will also find the possibility of following your favorite influencers’ day-to-day life. TSF offers you a fast and easy way to follow their behavior on social media, and compare their posts and interactions with other similar influencers. After all, users want to consume original content that will also contribute in some way, because when you see that your timeline is becoming an all-ads platform, you know something might be a little off.

Check out our best lists to follow the top influencers for different topics and segments, track their profiles’ evolution and be always on top of any update and more.

Get to know their most important details of the most relevant accounts, and discover which influencers are becoming trending topics each month. Use our TSF Lists to be informed of who’s having the strongest social impact and who you should be following.